Le Fontanelle

Le Fontanelle

Susanna is a person who deeply loves her land and the fruits it offers. She comes from a family that has always taken care of fruit trees who used to sell their produce along the roads and on the markets. A few years ago, Susanna transformed the harvest in the fields to produce more income.


She renovated the old family house, transforming it a laboratory for the production of jams of different types, but in particular of cherries and apricots. These were, in fact, the first fruits that were processed, although over the past few years the range has also been enriched with other fruits and various savory vegetables. In addition to the classic single-ingredient jams, fancy and delicate combinations are also made such as pumpkin and ginger; apple, raspberries and vanilla; lemon, apple and elderberry flowers. From sweet to spicy, she has many spreads such as pepper or radicchio spread, black cabbage sauce with almonds, compote of eggplant, onions in oil, in short, many small delicacies that proof Susanna’s skill and good knowledge of local vegetables.


It wasn’t easy to start from scratch, because it implied radically changing the concept of the company, and going from simple farmers to processors and traders, with all that this involved in terms of investment and relationship with the public.


But Susanna’s jams and other produce immediately convey the passion of her family and their extraordinary ability to capture these sensations in the products she makes. The richness of mountain aromas, the ability to transfer them intact in the preparations   and to take care of crops with due respect for the rhythms of nature… All their wealth of knowledge becomes an explosion of flavors.

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