El Cossett Bar

El Cossette Bar is the perfect place to start an amazing tour. Imagine the slow rustling waves of the lake breaking on the coastal rocks, the light morning breeze welcoming you, the flight of seagulls on the pier, the smell of coffee coming from inside... after such a prelude, the day is sure to be magical!


After all, Castelletto di Brenzone is a rare pearl where earth and sky meet, merging the green of Monte Baldo and the blue of Lake Garda. And this bar, located right in a charming little port, is your first step in a journey over the land full of stories and surprises.


You will be welcomed by Paolo, a stout and adorable host. While you enjoy the morning panorama, he will prepare your croissants, sandwiches, cappuccino, coffee, fruit juices, and other surprises (which he loves greatly).

Important detail: if you like Nordic walking, make sure you go back to El Cosset because this is where fans of this sport meet. From here you can set off for a beautiful walk around Brenzone, a town composed of 16 beautiful settlements. If you decide to go on a walk like this, talk to Paolo and tell him how best to do it.

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