DGtalguide™ mobile app manual

Please read this information before you install the application, download the tour and hit the road. It takes only 2-3 minutes and saves you precious traveling time.

The DGtalguide™ application has several functions:

  • Navigating the tour route that you purchased on the DGtalguide™ website.
  • Providing information on points of the route that you will visit during the tour.
  • Providing information on how to get discounts and partner services during the tour.

The application is installed free of charge and does not foresee any additional payments.

Links for installing the application:
Prior to using the application, you must purchase one of the DGtalguide™ tours at www.dgtalguide.com.

Instructions for installing and activating the App

After purchasing the tour, a voucher with a QR-code and an alphanumeric code for tour downloading will be sent to the e-mail address you indicated during purchase.

  • 1

    Install the DGtalguide™ application on your smartphone or tablet.

  • 2

    Check out if the device is connected to the Internet.

  • 3

    Before downloading the tour, please turn off the automatic screen lock.

  • 4

    Launch the DGtalguide™ application.

  • 5

    Click “Scan shortcut” and point the camera at the QR code in the voucher that you received by e-mail after purchase. Or enter the tour letter code from your voucher and click “Submit”.

  • 6

    Enter your surname, name and e-mail address.

    Attention! You must use the same e-mail address as the one to which the ticket was sent.

  • 7

    Click “Download”. Your tour will start downloading to your phone. This may take some time.

    Attention! Do not close the application until the tour is fully downloaded.

  • 8

    Click on “View Routes.”

  • 9

    Click on the route

  • 10

    a) If you are at the starting point, click Navigate.

  • b) If you are not at the starting point, select “Navigate to Start” in the top menu. This will open the navigation program installed by default on your smartphone. Follow the navigator to the starting point. Arriving at the starting point, reopen the DGtalguide™ application and click “Navigate”.

  • 11

    Before starting, make sure that the compass icon at the bottom right is black.

  • 12

    If you do not need the information at the bottom of the screen, you can hide it by pulling it down.

  • 13

    Follow the directions of the navigator and move along the track marked in blue. Sometimes your location may be slightly off the track, but this is not critical and depends on the features of the map and the quality of the GPS signal.

  • 14

    Pay attention to informational messages with this sign. They warn of road hazards and report your arrival at various points on the route.

  • 15

    Places that you are going to visit are indicated by icons. When you arrive at the next point of interest, press this icon to get all the necessary information. If you make a long stop, we suggest you pause the navigator. To do that, you should click and hold the round button.

  • 16

    While travelling, please control regularly the suggested time schedule of the tour. You can check it by clicking on «TIMING». Following the tour timing will guarantee that you will go through the whole itinerary without hurry and will visit all planned points of interest.


- If you purchased a tour in the “Full tour” format, be sure to follow the time schedule.

- The navigator built into the DGtalguide™ application does not automatically offer detour options if you go off the track. In this case, you will see this message.

If this happens, stop, identify your location and return to the route by the shortest route.

- If the road included in the route is blocked for any reason, use the standard navigator on your smartphone to find a detour and come back to the route. Once you get back on your route, the DGtalguide™ navigation will work again.

- Before starting, make sure your mobile device is fully charged. We recommend that you provide in advance for the possibility of charging it from a car or from an external battery.

- Be sure to take care in advance of fixing the mobile device with the DGtalguide™ application in your vehicle.