DGtalguide™ is a completely new product for the touristic market, and for sure you’ll have questions. Don’t be shy! You can make your enquiry in any language using any channel you are comfortable with. You can call or send an SMS or WhatsApp message on +39 351 8104545, write an email to hello@digitalguide.com or ask as directly on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We will answer right away.

How does it work?

It’s as easy as it can be. You buy a tour on our site. You get a voucher in your email right away. This voucher contains a code for downloading the tour. You install the DGtalguide™ app on your smartphone fast and free of charge, enter the code and the tour is downloaded immediately, comprising information about the places you’ll visit and time schedule of the tour. That’s all. Off we go!

The navigator, installed in the DGtalguide™ app, will lead you along the route. Once you get to the next point, you show the voucher to our partners, and they’ll open their doors, welcoming you with discounts and treating you as their dear guests.

I can buy only the itinerary or a full tour. What’s the difference?

If you buy only the itinerary, you’ll get the navigation of the itinerary and the information about all placed to visit.

However, the price does not include visits to our partners, discounts, booking a table in the restaurant and many other options.

Besides that, to those who buy the itinerary, we cannot guarantee that all the places included in the tour, such as vineries, cheese farms, museums and so on will be available.

Maybe you’ll be lucky, and our partners will be ready to serve you, maybe not.

There are so many services on-line offering self-guided tours. What makes your service better?

First of all: we do not invite you for a guided tour, but for a travel. You’ll find out how people really live, learn the stories that are hardly found in common tour guides narration and popular guide books. We give you a possibility to interact with the locals and their everyday life, so that you can make astonishing discoveries, and feel free, independent, based on your desires only.

  • DGtalguide™ is not a tour guide app. Normally such apps offer just mere information, without any additional advantages or services. We do tours, not excursions, which means a 100%-planned and organized travels with the possibility of visiting places that are usually closed for usual tourists.
  • We are in charge of the quality of all services that will be offered during the tour. If we mention a lunch in our tour, it means a table will be booked for you, in a 100% authentic and affordable restaurant. If there is a vinery in the tour, it means you’ll for sure get in, and will be greeted as dear friends. And there’ll be no communication problems, no matter which language do you speak. 

  • DGtalguide™ mobile app comprises a proper navigator, which will guide you along the itinerary, giving advises and warning about dangers. We always choose most spectacular and less trafficked roads. Transition from one point of interest to another is a part of the tour as well.
  • Among the places we suggest to visit there are nearly no well-known touristic places, famous restaurants of popular vineries. We look for places that are not reached by touristic buses, where the services are still personal and any customer is being taken care of as a dear guest. Needless to say, the prices in such places are pleasantly affordable.

  • Our electronic guides are mainly based on facts that cannot be easily found in Internet. The story DGtalguide™ tells is built on local expert’s knowledge and connections, and on the information that we find thanks to the research in libraries and archives.

  • Buying a DGtalguide™ tour you gain access to the discounts from our partners, that will come handy in shops, restaurants, and will help you to buy a ticket for ferries and funiculars, to rent a car, moto, bike, scooter, boat etc. That’s why when you buy a DGtalguide™ tour, you may save more than you’ve spent.
  • DGtalguide™ operators are always ready to help you in any unforeseen situation, should such situation arise during the tour.
Why do you sell a limited number of tours every day?

This limitation is connected to the possibilities of our partners. We do not work with popular touristic places, where the service is oriented towards large numbers of touristic flow. Here are some examples:

  • A small countryside restaurant cannot accept more than 10-12 DGtalguide™ clients a day.
  • A private vinery might not be able to host a large group of visitors.
Why the tour is available in the app only a couple of days after the purchase?

Actually, after the purchase the tour is available in the DGtalguide™ app in your smartphone for a limited time – from 3 to 15 days. This is due to the fact that you are buying not only information about the excursion, but a comprehensive tour, organized by our company in every detail.

This kind of tour cannot remain the same throughout the year. Ferry timetable can change, our partners may vary their opening hours, some roads can be closed for maintenance, others will finally open for transit. All those changes influence the itinerary, its timing and contents.

We constantly check our tours and update them, so as to guarantee their precision. That’s why the tour you have downloaded has a limited validity.

May I transfer my code for tour downloading to somebody else?

There’s not problem is you do so. But you cannot use twice the same email, if it has been already used for downloading the tour.

By purchasing a tour, I also get a rent discount. How does it work?

It’s very easy. Once you’ve payed for the tour, you get a voucher with the special promo-code. Enter it while renting a car, scooter, bicycle or boat, and you’ll get a discount that is not available to other customers of the rent company.

Why it’s better to purchase a tour in advance?

Because the number of tours that are organized every day is limited. Usually we sell from 10 to 30 tours of each kind. That’s why if you delay the purchase, you risk that it’ll be sold out.

Why should I choose the exact date for my tour? Can’t I just start any day and time?

Though our tours are self-guided, they are in the same time completely organized and controlled. This means that DGtalguide™ organizes your tour and informs every partner about your forthcoming visit. Thanks to this, our partners will be waiting personally for you in vineries, restaurants, ticket boxes, ferries, funiculars and so on.

What happens if something goes wrong during the tour?

If you get in trouble during the tour (e.g., a road is blocked, there’s a misunderstanding with a partner, your vehicle is broken), contact immediately our call-center operator. He’ll make everything that should be done for the resolution of this unexpected situation. If you rented any transportation vehicle from our partners and you have some technical issues, we’ll send you our technical service car.

Do I need mobile internet during the tour?

Shall I need to access internet during the tour? It’s not necessary. All the information you may need will be included in DGtalguide™ app in the moment when you download the tour: description of points of interest to be visited, navigation map and so on. All the necessary information will be with you, even if you venture somewhere far from the civilization and mobile network.

Why can’t I download the tour right away on my smartphone, immediately after I purchase it?

We suggest to download the tour not earlier than a day or two before the departure. Every tour has an expiry date, from 3 to 15 days. After this period, it’s automatically deleted from your smartphone. It’s necessary in order to have only up-to-date tours, that will be working well in this given moment. During the season each tour may need an update, for example, if the ferry timetable changes, or a certain road is closed for maintenance, or service conditions are modified, etc. You can purchase the tour in advance, but in order to have the last, most precise and updated version, it’s necessary to download the tour non earlier than 24 hours before the tour’s start.

What’s the difference between the navigator installed in DGtalguide™ app and the usual navigator?

There’s only one difference. If you missed a turn or lost your way, it will not suggest you an alternative road or a detour, but will just inform you about the fact that you are off the itinerary. We are completely in charge of your trip, so we suggest the roads that we checked personally more than once.