Enoteca Vivavino
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Vivavino Wine Shop

Love makes the world go around, and it had a very important role in the destiny of this wine shop. Anna and Daniele, the founders of “VivaVino”, met a sommelier course. After many tastings, workshops, and travels around Italy and worldwide, the quest for the most interesting wines led to the opening of their own shop, where they can share their findings with those who love and appreciates good wine.


The boldness of their approach to the choice of wines is well expressed in their daring design: instead of common shelves, they placed them in a structure that resembles a wine grape. Here, like in a library, you will find sections dedicated to arts (wines produced by famous musicians), o ecology (wines made following the strictest guidelines of biodynamic agriculture). You will find there also the most famous Veronese wines, and on the opposite wall, there are traditional liquors, from Limoncello to the most sophisticated types of grappa. 


For those who are looking for a souvenir and like wine, Anna and Daniele developed special gadgets. a wine map of Italy and playing cards with different kinds of wine.


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