Libreria-Caffè Minotauro
For bad weather

Minotauro Caffè Bookshop

A few steps away from Juliet’s courtyard there’s a bookstore where you can have a great... snack! It’s called “Minotaur” for a reason because it combines two important tasks: to feed people with knowledge and food, and quite a tasty one.


Usually, students drop in to have a break after a day of studying in the city library nearby. Here they can have fresh salad or a sandwich with smoked salmon and Philadelphia cheese. For a sweet tooth, two typical Veronese desserts are prepared here: risino (a pastry with rise filling) and zaletto (a yellow cornflour cookie with raisins).


At Minotauro you can have a quick and affordable breakfast before your tour. The ground floor may be crowded, tables are often busy, but we recommend going up to the second floor. There, in a labyrinth of books, there hide cozy tables at which you can quietly enjoy your breakfast.