Cantina Dario Dall'O

Dario Dall'O Winery

Dario Dall’O had a dream: he grew up among picturesque hills, but he preferred living in the mountains. Once he and his wife Silvia set off on a quest for a mountain house and discovered... a winery! By a lucky coincidence, there was a winery for sale not far from Cavedine, and the couple just fell in love with it.


The oenologist was also found by lucky chance: a casually tasted wine impressed them so much that they took note of the winery and found out who exactly was in charge of the process of wine creation there. When the oenologist came to visit (and it was none other than Roberto Cipresso, well-known among wine experts), he walked through the vineyard, studied the vine, touched the ground, and said that there is a good chance to produce good wine.


That’s how Dario’s wine adventure began. The vineyards are located 55 m above sea level, in a sheltered valley with steep slopes, and their roots reach down to cold granite rocks. The wines bear the imprint of this complex landscape: stern at the first sip, they do not reveal their bouquet immediately. Chardonnay blossoms with the scent of chamomile and hay, red Dall’O Nero gives the feeling of the morning after rain, scents of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, rosemary, laurel, turmeric and even... meat. “Extreme wines for free spirits”, that’s how Dario defines his produce.


To embody the concept of wine as a work of art, Dario and his father decorated the wine cellar themselves. They created unique furniture and thought through every detail down to the unusual color of the walls. A huge window overlooks the surrounding mountains, a chandelier made of Murano glass refracts the play of sunlight, and the drawings of his son, Piersilvio, emphasize the creative spirit of the family. However, professional painters also exhibit their works here: several times a year the cellar turns into a real showroom with works by local artists.



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