Caffè Borsari
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Caffè Borsari

Coffee in Italy is good almost everywhere. But there are places where the Italians themselves go to have a cup of a really wonderful drink. Caffè Borsari is one of those. To be honest, among the Veronese it still goes by its old name, “Caffè Tubino”, as it had been called when it opened back in 1969. The name has changed since, but the café is still owned by Salomoni family who maintains the cozy atmosphere of this tiny hall with a long counter, where the perfect coffee is prepared according to classic recipes.


Of course, on a hot day it is not forbidden to order some caffè shakerato, and no doubt, it will be prepared perfectly. But if you want to feel like a real Veronese for just a moment, order a caffè Liscio: this is what the regular espresso is called in Veneto and in some neighboring regions.

If you are not a coffee fan, you have another option: here, unlike the vast majority of Italian bars, they’ve got a great selection of teas and they know how to brew it right.


Holding a hot cup in your hand, take a look around. The walls full of what all tourists are looking for: delicious and original Italian souvenirs. We recommend you to pay attention to the collection of caramels “Leone”, standing to the right of the entrance. They have been produced since 1857, and over the years the format has not changed, only new flavors (like mojito or absinthe) and sugarless or vegan versions were added. This is the perfect souvenir: tasty, stylish, compact, and very Italian!

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