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Bar Rivamancina

Paris has the Rive gauche, the left bank of the Seine, where for centuries there have been the alternative and intellectual quarter around the Sorbonne. Verona also has its University neighborhood on the left bank. It’s called Veronetta, and the high percentage of students here contradicts the general demographic situation in Italy.


The young people need a place to hang out where they could feel like they are not in the province, but in a cool modern city. That’s whom “Riva Mancina” (“left bank”) bar is catering for. Since 1994, they continue to be a fashionable and lively place with fantastic cocktails, where the fun starts after 10 pm.

The fact that the bar is located a couple of steps below the bridge level as if in the basement, adds to the charm of this place. Few people remember that once there was a direct descent to the river and the ground level was much lower. It may have been once a gathering place for merchants and sailors navigating along the river, but from those times only fragments of old bricks and stones in the walls are left.


Now the crowd gathers here to listen to live music and admire the works of young artists. You can sip exquisite cocktails and immerse yourself in the life of the local bohemian people for a while. But the Veronese themselves often dream of being elsewhere, so they prefer to drink Moscow Mule with Argentine empanadas. That’s why Clara and Michele, the bartender, offer even the spritz in the most original versions: classic, Paduan, Venetian, Caribbean, Milanese, and even Spanish. The cocktail that is most popular lately is called “Penicillin”: a mix of lemon, ginger, honey, whiskey, and scotch will protect you from any infection!

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