Stefano Cantiero

Stefano Cantiero

My mission?

To tell everybody about my land. I have been doing this for twenty years, looking for the beautiful, true and genuine things of Verona, Veneto and even beyond.

I share my discoveries through videos that, thanks to my editorial project “Ti Porto Io”, spread information all over the world.

Each video is a little discovery, an adventure, an experience, which I like to share with those who love to penetrate the essence of traditions and good flavors.

For many years I have been the face and the soul of one of the most authoritative TV shows in Northern Italy, narrating the excellences of this land. Today, thanks to digital technologies, the emotions that I experience when exploring local reality, can be transmitted to thousands of people who follow my content published on Facebook, on Instagram, on my YouTube channel, and on my “Ti Porto Io” app.

With DGtalguide we provide you with another great opportunity: you can travel along the itineraries that see me as Ambassador, enjoying beautiful places and tasty products that I’ve collected.

Since I started doing this job, the main aim of my research has been to share with you the things that I like. If you share my passion for the variety of the local produce, the charm of enchanting places, the stories of those who believe in these values... welcome to my world!

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