Marina Sorina

Marina Sorina


My name is Marina, and I have been living in Verona for more than half of my life. From the first days I wanted to know more about this charming city, but all my time was dedicated to working and studying at the University. First my graduation degree, later the PhD research... I taught, translated, wrote books.
Years passed until the moment came when I realized that only working as a guide will allow me to apply in practice things that I like: learning about the history and understanding the modern everyday life, dialoguing with people, dynamism and independence in organization of work.

After passing a difficult exam, in 2012 I received a license, which gave me the right to work with clients in Verona and the surrounding area. But that was only the beginning of the journey. Year after year, I continued to improve my skills, to create new routes, to add new working languages (to my native Russian I added Italian and English) and, finally, I found a new mode for communicating with clients. Indeed, demand often exceeds supply, and guide’s working hours are limited. How to make sure that everyone can get professional support at affordable prices? Collaboration with DGtalguide gave me the opportunity to reach out to a wider circle of people interested in learning about the world, and gave me a further reason to hunt for new facts about the past and to collect interesting stories about the most famous places.

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