About us

DGtalguide™ is an innovative online tour operator. A company that organizes your trips by applying modern technologies, the expertise of touristic business professionals, as well as the knowledge and personal connections of local experts.

With DGtalguide™ your trip is organized as if you hired the best guide almost for free. We do not tell stories that you can read in guidebooks. We help to dive into the life of the country, to learn and to discover what is hidden from the eyes of ordinary tourists.

What's DGtalguide?


Full freedom

You are that kind of person who does not like tours where you have to walk in a group, listen even to what is not interesting, look at what is not interesting at all, hoping to get along with the personal qualities of the guide, his or her character and taste? We don’t love it either.

That’s why DGtalguide™ gives you complete freedom. Start you tour on anything: in your own car, on a motorcycle, on a bicycle, on foot or by boat. Move faster or slower, stop wherever you want, get only the information that interests you, taste only what whets your appetite. In any case, you will spend time with pleasure.


100% organized

With DGtalguide™, you travel on your own, but we organize everything you need. The navigator guides you along the most practical, interesting, and beautiful route that we tested. There’s someone already waiting for you in the places you are going to visit: in the restaurant, a table is reserved for you, in authentic stores and farm outlets you will always be offered a special discount, and wineries, cheese dairies and other interesting places will open for you their doors, usually closed to strangers.


Helps save your money

Studies show that travelers spend on average at least 40% of their vacation on organizational matters. Is the road marked on the map actually exists? Where is better to park? Will this restaurant be open? How much does a lunch cost and will there be a free table? Is there anything interesting on the route? Will they let us in here? When the ferry starts? How to understand what is written on the menu?

DGtalguide™ is ready to answer all these questions. You won’t waste a single minute of your precious holiday time.

And your expenses will be reduced by discounts, gifts and special offers of our partners. Most likely, you will save more than you’ve paid for the tour.

Our offices

Peschiera del Garda
Via Milano, 30 C Peschiera del Garda 37019 - Italy

Riva del Garda
Viale Rovereto 3/E Riva del Garda 38066 - Italy